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Piper Jetprop – PA-46 – Ano 1998/2005 – 4.300 H.T.

Preço: US$950.000,00

Valor de venda + impostos para nacionalização

Total Time: 4,300
Complete Logs: Yes
Airframe Notes:
-4300h AFTT | PT6A-21 with 1490h SNEW 12/2005 and 130h SHSI | 5 blade MT propeller with 555h SNEW 09/2016 | G500/GTN750 etc.

-Total time of 4300h SNEW in 06/1988, converted to Piper Jetprop DL in 12/2005.

-Feel free to call or e-mail us for more information. In case you do not receive an answer to your e-mail within 48h, please check your spam or call us. It will never be the case, that we would not respond to an inquiry.

-All specifications subject to verification upon inspection, withdrawal from market without prior notice.

Engine Program
Engine Program Notes:
-One P&WC PT6A-21 with 500shp and 1490h SNEW in 12/2005, 555h SLOH in 09/2016 and 130h SHSI in 12/2021, equipped with ETM and on ECTM with DETA.

-CT disk replaced including all 58 CT blades on behalf of “Part One-Forty-Five GmbH“, replaced during HSI with factory new blades from P&WC in 12/2021.

Engine 1
Engine 1 Make/Model: PRATT & WHITNEY PT6A-21
Engine 1 Time: 1,490 SNEW
Engine 1 TBO: 3,600
Engine 1 Notes:
-One P&WC PT6A-21 with 500shp and 1490h SNEW in 12/2005, 555h SLOH in 09/2016 and 130h SHSI in 12/2021, equipped with ETM and on ECTM with DETA.

-CT disk replaced including all 58 CT blades on behalf of “Part One-Forty-Five GmbH“, replaced during HSI with factory new blades from P&WC in 12/2021.

Prop 1 Manufacturer: MT
Prop 1 Model: MTV-27-1-N-C-F-R(P)
Prop 1 Time: 555 SNEW
Number of Blades: 5
Swept Blade Propellers: Yes
Prop Notes: Five blade MT propeller MTV-27-1-E-C-F-R(P) installed with 555h SNEW in 09/2016.

Flight Deck Manufacturer/Model: GARMIN G500
ADS-B Equipped: Yes
LPV: Yes
SVT: Yes
Autopilot: King KFC 150 with yaw damper and vertical speed control and Garmin GAD43e
PFD/MFD: Garmin G500 with SVT, Jeppesen Charts, Traffic, SafeTaxi, Airport Directory, Stormscope, Terrain and Obstacles
2xCOM/NAV/GPS: Garmin GTN750 displaying Weather, Terrain, Traffic, SafeTaxi, Airport Directory and Charts and Garmin G530W displaying Terrain, Traffic and Stormscope
ADF: King KR 87
Cross Pointer: Garmin GI 106A
Traffic: Lynx NGT9000D+ displayed on G500, GTN750 and G530W
Radar Altimeter: King KRA 10A
Weather Radar: King Radar 2000 with vertical profile displayed on GTN750
Stormscope: BF Goodrich WX500 displayed on G500, GTN750 and G530W
DME: King KN 63
Audio: Garmin GMA 340
ELT: Kannad 406mHz AF
2xTransponder: Lynx NGT9000D+, ADSB In and Out and Garmin GTX 330 Mode S
Co-Pilots Panel including King HSI

Additional Features:
Air Conditioning
Electric Rear Heater
Glare Shield Fan
Radar Pod equipped
Mirage style Pilot Windshield from 01/2016
Over torque Warning Light
Same owner since 06/1993
LEMO sockets for Pilot and Co-Pilot
Co-Pilots Panel including HSI
Dual USB port cockpit

Additional Equipment
Ownership Status: The present owner is the 3rd owner in total and same owner since 06/1993! The aircraft was sold NEW from Piper to its first owner in 11/1988 and from its first owner to its second owner in the USA in 12/1989. The third owner sold this Piper Jetprop DL to its third and present owner, a German individual in 06/1993. Such owner decided to convert the aircraft to a Piper Jetprop DL with a total time of 2810h in 12/2005, the conversion has been made on its current “D” registration. All logbooks are available SNEW. Aircraft is always hangered and maintained on behalf of an experienced Piper Jetprop DL(X) maintenance facility. In 07/2016 the aircraft suffered from a sudden stoppage of the propeller due to the nose landing gear not being fully extended and being in the locked position. A prop strike has occurred, the airframe did not suffer from any impact. The engine had been removed and sent to Standard Aero, Netherlands for inspection and light overhaul. Propeller replaced with new 5 blade MT propeller and governors. Hot Section performed in 12/2021 including CT disk replacement due to light sulfidation identified as part of regular maintenance borescope inspection. Logbook entries such as work reports and pictures available upon request.

Information about Piper Jetprop DL(X): Higher, faster, further and more efficient, the Jetprop DL(X) is definitely the right investment to travel in a pressurized cabin in high altitudes achieving satisfying cruising speeds and being able to achieve great take-off and landing performance. Operating and maintenance costs are significantly lower compared to bigger multi engine piston planes or other similar turbo props and operating in a much safer environment in icing conditions with an existing FIKI certification. Easy and cost effective to maintain, great to fly for business and leisure!

Performance Parameters | W&B Status: Cruises FL250 | 248KTAS | using 32GAL/h | Initial climb rate 1500fpm | FL250 in 20 minutes

MRW 1958kg/4318bs
MTOW 1950kg/4300Ibs
EW 1384kg/3051Ibs
MUL 574kg/1265Ibs
MUF 570l/151GAL
PFF 118kg/260Ibs

Year Painted: 1999
Exterior Notes: Paint from 12/1999 in Snow white, Blue aristo and Gold mix stripes in good condition.

Year Interior: 1998
Number of Seats: 6
Configuration: Passenger
Interior Notes: Interior from 1998 in Vienna grey leather in good condition.
Spacious cabin | 4 PAX seats | Club seating configuration | Executive writing table | Reading lights | Seat recline | Intercom for every seat

Inspection Status
01/2014 performed 120M airborne check valve 1H24-18 replacement
01/2016 performed avionics upgrade
01/2016 performed radar pod installation and installation of Mirage style pilot windshield
09/2016 performed new 5 blade MT propeller installation including governors
09/2016 performed light engine overhaul on behalf of Standard Aero (Netherlands)
12/2016 performed 1000h P3 filter, fuel filter and oil filter replacement
01/2018 performed 1000h starter generator overhaul
01/2018 performed 500h alternator inspection
03/2019 performed 120M airborne check valve 1H5-18 and 1H5-20 replacement
06/2020 performed 24M/500h fuel tank inspection
06/2020 performed 84M/2000h aircraft structure inspection
06/2020 performed 500h cabin pressurization test
06/2020 performed 1000h flap track and flap rollers inspection and aileron hinges bolt inspection
06/2020 performed 60M fuselage/wing fluid hoses inspection
06/2020 performed 400h fuel nozzle spray test
06/2020 performed 600h fuel pump outlet filter replacement
07/2020 performed hard landing inspection and performed doubler installation (Not due to hard landing!)
12/2021 performed Hot Section Inspection and CT disk (58 blades) replacement on behalf of Part One-Forty-Five GmbH with factory new from P&WC
07/2023 performed 400h de-ice pressure control valve inspection
07/2023 performed annual/100h inspection
All mandatory AD and SB complied with, under CAMO
Airworthy: Yes

A aeronave acima é de terceiros, os dados estão sujeitos a verificação.

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