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Garmin GTN 650

Preço: US$4.500,00

With GTN 650’s touchscreen interface, you’re rarely more than 2 taps away from the system’s primary functions. Enter waypoint data on the 4.9-inch high-resolution TFT display and swipe your finger across it to pan the map screen. There are multiple ways to reach information and lots of shortcuts built right in. The data displayed can easily be customized to instantly reach any page in the system right from the moving map or navigation pages. So it’s easy to fly with the information that’s most important to you while flying.

GTN 650 10 W COM or 16 W COM (field upgradeable)
Cleaning cloth
Installation kit
Simulation software DVD
Familiarization video DVD
Pilot's guide
Cockpit reference guide
Complimentary database update certificate

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Garmin GTN 650